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RE: Ceratosaurus image

Doesn't matter how YOU interpret the request for using your own images
of museum specimens. It is the media company that will get sued, so they
are covering their rear. You want to "play" with them, you'll have to
follow their rules. 

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   Now that I have some time off I'm doing art for myself.  Its funny
how quickly I default back to dinosaurs.  I posted some new images on my
site if any are interested.
They are under the Illustration page.

   Also...on a broader question, I am filming a DVD for The Gnomon
Workshop about drawing dinosaurs.  I want to include photos of various
skeletons from museums.  The company has told me that I need permission
to do so.  Is that true even if they are my own photos?  I thought since
so many of you have written books this would be the right forum to ask.

David Krentz