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Re: flying Archie

"...some _fundamental_ change in the (physical properties of the) _global_ 
flight environment..." 

Not local eco-stuff... also, implied in your post is the idea that A. may have 
been more optimal for tree to tree flight than modern birds, and birds 
sacrificed that to obtain long-distance flight. Highly doubtful, right?


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At 08:05 PM 23/09/2006, don ohmes wrote:
>If evolution is the null hypothesis, Achie-style flight (whatever 
>that was) was inferior to the modern style. Unless, of course, there 
>has been some fundamental change in the global flight environment...

Which there might have been.  There is a considerable difference 
between the flight requirements for short-distance tree-to-tree 
flight and, say, long-distance migration which might not have arisen 
until climate changes favoured it.

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