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Re: Coracoid/scapula (was Re: flying Archie)

You raise an interesting issue, David. If the enantiornithine configuration
(peg on coracoid, socket in scapula) is primitive,

I don't think it is primitive. ?Within Enantiornithes itself, *Protopteryx* has a flat joint (no peg, no socket). I forgot about *Jibeinia*. The confuciusornithids have fused scapulocoracoids, and *Sapeornis* has a suture (which would possibly have fused with age)... That makes 3: the assumption of convergence is more parsimonious than that of several reversals.

Convergence happens. *Microraptor* has an alula, more or less. Archie and the confuciusornithids have nothing of the sort.