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New JVP: Tornieria, Falcarius, and anatomical terms


My copy of Journal of Vert Paleo 26(3) arrived yesterday, along with the 
green-covered abstract volume (with the helpful note on the
cover: "Bring this Abstract & Program Book with you to the Annual Meeting in 

Online versions of the papers should be up within the month, so no reason to 
copy out the abstracts and such. But here are some
dino-relevant highlights:

Wilson, J.A. 2006. Anatomical nomenclature of fossil vertebrates: standardized 
terms or 'lingua franca'? JVP 26:511-518.

Jeff makes the case that, contra Harris, we should not have a single 
standardized terminologu (either NAV or NAA projected stemward
or a new Nomina Anatomica Tetrapodorum), but instead preserve the Romerian 
terminology for non-humans, non-other mammals, and
non-birds. (Okay, more to it than that, but read it there).

Zanno, L.E. 2006. The pectoral girdle and forelimb of the primitive 
therizinosauroid _Falcarius utahensis_ (Theropda, Maniraptora):
analyzing evolutionary trends within Therizinosauroidea. JVP 26:636-650.

Lindsey describes and illustrates much of the relevant skeletal elements for 
the critter, and discusses in some detail forelimb
characters used in previous phylogenetic analyses and their observed 
distribution. Gives a pectoral/forelimb-only cladogram.

Remes, K. 2006. Revision of the Tendaguru sauropod dinosaur _Tornieria 
africana_ (Fraas) and its relevance for sauropod
paleobiogeography. JVP 26:651-669.

Based on part of Remes' diploma thesis. The supposed "_Barosaurus_" of Africa 
is not _Barosaurus_, but a stocky-limbed diplodocine
which is the sister taxon to the _Barosaurus_+_Diplodocus_ clade (using an 
updated version of Harris' recent analysis). Consquently,
it falls back to the name _Tornieria africana_.

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