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New Triceratops Paper

Goussard F. 2006. The skull of Triceratops in the palaeontology gallery,
Muséum national d?Histoire naturelle, Paris. Geodiversitas 28(3): 467-476.

The specimen of Triceratops calicornis Marsh, 1898 exhibited in the gallery
of palaeontology in the Muséum national d?Histoire naturelle of Paris
consists of a skull lacking the lower jaw, except for the predentary. It was
presented in October 1912, when Marcellin Boule was chairman of the
Palaeontology department, and registered as MNHN 1912.20. This specimen,
long overlooked in the literature, is described herein for the first time.
Since its erection by Marsh in 1889, up to 16 species have been referred to
the genus Triceratops. However, during the last 20 years, our comprehension
of the biology and variability of large living tetrapods has called into
question the validity of these Triceratops species. Although a consensus on
this question now seems to emerge, several models have been still discussed
recently. The description of MNHN 1912.20 offers an opportunity to discuss
these different hypotheses.

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