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RE: four winged Archaeopteryx

So why exactly did Archie have feathers on the tail?

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Graydon wrote:
> Feathers started as insulative structures, not aerodynamic structures.
> All known birds can fluff their insulative feathers, and it's very
> hard to see how a non-mobile insulative structure could survive
> selection pressure, so the least hypothesis is that the proto-feather
> could move.  Not a lot, but there would have to be some mechanism to
> raise and lower it to control the amount of trapped air.

Feathers are only raised to help a bird to cool down. I doubt that a
long thin appendage like a bony tail - with likely little flesh and a
huge surface area to volume ratio - would specifically need cooling down
(in fact, the opposite is more likely). Therefore tail feathers in early
volant theropods may never have had any insulatory mobility to begin


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