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Results of the natural history auction

The skull, from a Tyrannosaurus pÃtard, a close  relative of the T. rex, went 
for a bid of $1.98 phoned in by a dust collector on  the West Coast whom the 
I. M. Cheat Gallery would not identify until the PayPal  payment cleared.

The skull is 32 inches long and 2 percent complete, with  the rest of it, 
including the lower right jaw, beanie, and the back of the  skull, having been 
restored with papier mÃchÃ.  The seller obtained the  specimen last summer, 
said, after a collector on Coney Island contacted him  and said that he had 
acquired it from a dealer who had been storing the skull â  which was still 
embedded in the matrix â in a mayonnaise jar since  1954.

A mummy's hand was also on the shopping block.  The  significance of the 
extended middle digit, still wrapped in linen, is  unknown but may be a symbol 
the flippant Egyptian cult of digitus  impudicus.  The artifact will be 
released after Who's Your Mummy  performs DNA testing to determine if there is 
link to Anna Nicole's  baby.

The rest of the lots had no bidders and were donated to natural  history 


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