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Re: Swimming Brachiosaurs (was Re: Berlin Brachiosaurus)

Don, it's Donald Henderson's "colossal corks" SVP talk.




On Apr 1, 2007, at 8:49 AM, don ohmes wrote:

I am intensely skeptical of the 'capsizing' hypothesis, so I guess I'll have to read the paper. Could some one post a ref for the 'Brachiosaurs-wouldn't-capsize' research, so I can check it out on my next trip to the library? Doesn't seem to come up on Google.

I anticipate that someone will soon publish a computer model that proves sauropods could generate enough methane to achieve liftoff, like the ass-blasters in 'Tremors'.


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don ohmes wrote:

Are there any extant quads that are unable to swim? Armadillos have a rep locally as sinkers, but other than that nothing comes to mind. Which doesn't mean much, so I ask...

I've never seen a chimp in water they couldn't wade through, and I've heard that the only thing that keeps chimps and bonobos from interbreeding is a river between them.


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