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RE: Spinosaurus Question

Your information is correct and what little was found was destroyed in WW2
leaving just photos of the mounted bones and the published description.

But related species have been found and have much more of the bones
preserved.  These have been described as facultive bipeds but there was some
doubt about Baryonyx when it was first described.  No such doubts about
Suchomimus afaik.  These may be synonymous.  There are other spinosaurs that
have been described since.


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Subject: Spinosaurus Question

hey guys i have been looking at what I can find on the net about the 
Spinosaurus that was destroyed in ww2. most of it is art work and few pics 
of part of the back , neck and lower Jaw .
What i have always wondered is were there ever any leg or hip bones found to

indecate that it was a Bipedal and not  quadrupedal?
just from what little I see  and I know th elay out of the bones were done 
in the early 20th century , it reminds me more of a Dimetrodon with a croc 
just wondering.