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RE: Pangea's weather?

--- Anthony Docimo <keenir@hotmail.com> schrieb:

> I recall one program on the Triassic as mentioning -
> in passing, sadly - 
> that the supercontinent Pangea had an interior which
> experienced severe 
> monsoons....

Severe droughts in places, almost certainly. But
climate was not homogenous over such a large area. It
could be possible to make more precise estimates
nowadays with stratigraphic and paleotectonic
considerations and data.

> so extreme that one paleontologist said
> that in one season, 
> there were sand dunes, and in another season in the
> same geological 
> formation, there was a rainforest -- and this was an
> annual event.

Almost certainly not. Even a small forest needs time
to grow. What was the flora anyway? Turnover times of
years, maybe decades seem more realistic.


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