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Re: place names and fossils

Adrienne Mayor writes:

* It would be wonderful if some paleontologists and linguists/ folklorists would collaborate on an article or a book about Aboriginal fossil legends before it's too late!

I've heard that theropod trackways in Western Australia were attributed to giant dream-time emus by the local inhabitants. They weren't all that far off the mark.

The book "Kadimakara: Extinct Vertebrates of Australia" is named after aboriginal mythology. There is an aboriginal legend about the Kadimakara; "monsters" that once lived in a huge canopy of trees that covered central Australia. When the trees disappeared, the Kadimakara wandered about in the desert until they died at Lake Eyre, where their bones can still be found. The legend hints at the vast inland forests and lakes that filled Australia's now arid centre where all kinds of animals once lived, from mammalian megafauna to fresh-water dolphins and flamingoes.


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