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RE: Tyrannosaur analogs in the south?

Tom Holtz wrote:

The Late Cretaceous top predators of Gondwana were the Abelisauridae. Not as big as the tyrannosaurids, nor were they particularly cursorial, but like their distant northern kin they had stumpy arms.

As an addendum to this, I'll add that there were other very large, stumpy-armed theropods, including carcharodontosaurids such as _Giganotosaurus_ and _Tyrannotitan_.

Some quite large basal tetanurans had quite short and stumpy forearms, like _Torvosaurus_ and _Xuanhanosaurus_. The antebrachium was short and stumpy, but also <massive>. Like the carcharodontosaurids, these guys do not appear to have been all that cursorial.



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