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Re: Spinosaurus Question

Jamie Stearns wrote:

Aside from size, is there any other correlation between the dorsals and the cranial material? As in, are the proportions of the dorsals (besides neural spine length) consistent with what we know from Baryonyx and Suchomimus?

I've also heard that Rauhut mentioned the dorsals might be from a carnosaur. Could they possibly be from Carcharodontosaurus if they're not from Spinosaurus? I'm not really sure how many Carcharodontosaurus dorsals are known.

You're right. Rauhut suggested that the _Spinosaurus_ dorsals may come from an _Acrocanthosaurus_-like carcharodontosaurid. Rauhut notes that the dorsals of _Spinosaurus_ are quite different from those of _Baryonyx_ and _Suchomimus_ in the absence of strong pneumatization and laminae, as well as in the presence of exceptionally tall spines. _Suchomimus_ has rather tall spines that increase in height from the mid-dorsals onwards, but they don't hold a candle to those of _Spinosaurus_. Also, the "sail" of _Spinosaurus_ reaches its peak over the mid-dorsals, whereas the lower sail of _Suchomimus_ reaches its greatest height over the sacrum. _Baryonyx_ shows some "incipient" development of a sail, according to Sereno et al. (1998).

Aside from the cranial elements, Rauhut suggests that the cervical, dorsals and caudal (proximal) assigned to _Spinosaurus aegyptiacus_ may each come from a different animal.

No incontrovertible dorsals are known for _Carcharodontosaurus_. Several dorsals have been referred to _Carcharodontosaurus_, but it is not clear that they belong to this taxon as opposed to some other large Saharan theropod.



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