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RE: Dinosaurs and birds

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> Stephen V. Cole
> Ok, I really don't want to touch off a creationist mess (and no, I
> don't believe that junk any more than anyone else around here) but I
> bumped into an old friend who is a creationist (and has some
> outlandish theories) and he insists that "even all of the
> non-creationist dinsosaur paleontologists realized that birds are not
> related to dinosaurs after the fake feather scandal of 1999".
> Now, I've been gone from the hobby for a while, but did I really miss this?
> Do you real VPs ((I mean, other than Olshevsky) no longer believe
> birds descend from Archy and his cousins?
Your friend is horribly, terribly misinformed. The support for the dinosaurian 
origin of birds has, if anything, only gotten
stronger. So strong that it can't possibly be summarized in a single post!

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