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Re: Dinosaurs and birds

The short version is that there were no fake feathers, ever. There was a composite specimen the was made up of a feathered dromeaosaur and a primitive bird. The specimen was put together by chinese farmer who was trying to make a more complete specimen to feed his family, and didn't realize (or perhaps didn't care) that he had combinded two different animals.

Since the specimen (formerly called "Archaeoraptor") contained a primitive bird very like its dinosaur ancestors, and a feathered dromaeosaur clearly close to the orgin of birds, it's hard to fathom how anyone could possible think that this specimen was anything but strong evididence for the dinosaurian origin of birds.

Along with the dozens of other feathered dinosaur fossils from China, these finds have only reinforced the very strong consensus amongst professionals that birds are a kind of dinosaur.

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Ok, I really don't want to touch off a creationist mess (and no, I don't believe that junk any more than anyone else around here) but I bumped into an old friend who is a creationist (and has some outlandish theories) and he insists that "even all of the non-creationist dinsosaur paleontologists realized that birds are not related to dinosaurs after the fake feather scandal of 1999".Â
Now, I've been gone from the hobby for a while, but did I really miss this?Â
Do you real VPs ((I mean, other than Olshevsky) no longer believe birds descend from Archy and his cousins?Â

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