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Re: Dinosaurs and birds

On Wednesday, April 4, 2007, at 02:38 PM, Tommy Tyrberg wrote:

As a matter of fact a wing with a lift-producing profile (like Archaeopteryx) will create more, not less, drag than a non-lift producing one.

True, but if the wing isn't being used to generate lift, then a forelimb without an airfoil is even better still, since it would reduce drag even further. Producing induced drag and greater profile drag are both worth it if you get out significant lift in return. If the forelimbs of Archaeopteryx were not lift-producing structures, then the advantage to paying the drag costs seems a bit odd (even though it would only be paying for profile drag in that case). That doesn't mean that Archaeopteryx had to be flight capable, it merely makes it a bit odd if it was not.


--Mike H.