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Re: Fw: Dinosaurs and birds

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Subject: Re: Fw: Dinosaurs and birds

during the upstroke, but the animal still pays a bit of a price for it. The cost is worthwhile at high speeds, but the near-avian in question would probably be moving at relatively low speeds (from a fluid flow standpoint). This does not make a wing-assisted leap untenable, but it does affect how a near-avian would be expected to execute it. For one thing, it makes utilizing gusts that much more useful --MH

I've had gusts lift my mainwheels clear of the ground while sitting still at idle power in a J-3. It really brings home the useful energy extractable from gusts. Makes the heart go pitty-pat for a moment too. And it don't take nearly as strong a gust to lift a little near-bird clear of the ground. Which should make him truly appreciative of his wings and the enhanced maneuverability and control they give him.