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Arambougiania Citation Redux

Hi All -

Last December, there was some discussion on-list as to what the appropriate citation was for _Arambourgiania_, and I posited (http://dml.cmnh.org/2006Dec/msg00027.html) that it might be a paper in the journal _Uzbekskii Geologicheskii Zhurnal_, and that I could track that paper down. Well, it took me a while to get to the library that had it, but now I do. This does NOT appear to the appropriate citation for _Arambourgiania_ -- that name does not appear (at least in non-Cyrillic characters) anywhere that I can find in the short paper, which otherwise appears to be about chondrichthyan teeth, possibly from the Cretaceous of (I assume) Uzbekistan. Thus, I would have to guess that, as Martill et al. (1998) cited, the correct citation for the erection of this nomen is indeed the abstract:

Nessov, L.A., Kanznyshkina, L.F., and Cherepanov, G.O. 1987. Dinosaurs, crocodiles and other archosaurs from the Late mesozoic of central Asia and their place in ecosystems. Abstracts of the 33rd session of the All-Union Palaeontological Society, Leningrad, pp. 46-47. [In Russian].

...which I am in the process of trying to track down. More bulletins as events warrant...

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