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Re: Dinosaur Protein

And what's teh concept of Jurassic Park from? <<<

Michale Crichton's diseased imagination? Seriously, it's just scifi. All the marketing of how it was "sience eventuality" was just that: marketing. If we ever have zoos filled with non-avian dinosaur-ish animals, it won't be from cloning extint DNA, it will be from understanding developmental-genetic mechanisms so well we can custom-design our own organisms. I know several genetic engineers who think this won't sound terribly far fetched in 20 or 30 years.

Of course, if we do this they won't be "real" dinosaurs, just genetic monsters created for our entertainment. Feel free to debate the ethics of said enterprise (maybe on the newly created FDML...Fake Dinosaur Mailing List). Also, the zoos will most likely use empty moats to contain their designer dinoauroids, which have the advantage of not failing in the even of power outage...

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