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wings and drag, a thought provoked by earlier discussions

I was thinking about some of the discussions of this past week, and I had a thought....
(let me know if I misunderstood the comment that spawned this)

I made an island-dwelling species for a Primeval/Dr Who fanfic - the Bicyclers (mostly because it sounds better than "the Geese")

Author's Notes: the Bicyclers are an outgrowth of my own speculation?based on comments on the dinosaur discussion group, about how half-formed feathered wings are a little help in running, but you run into problems with the forces of drag. But to me, that would only be a problem if one feather-armed dinosaur was running by itself. That?s when I thought of human bicyclers arrayed in a goose-like rows, where the drag is mostly on the one in the lead, but the followers enjoy a smooth ride.

part of the story:
Four men labored away in the depths of the town bicycle repair shop here, a short drive from the cliffs of Dover in the town of Ryfeld. In addition to the odors of chain grease, leather-smoothing oils, mildew in the room corners, and human sweat, there was also the aroma of chili peppers and fresh ham.

Three feathered dinosaurs on leashes were the source of that aroma. Lying listlessly, they were not even prisoners. They were captives, trapped in long-plumed bodies, leashed by the ones whose bodies they?d been thrown into ? the ones who were presently occupying their human bodies, tinkering with a piece of technology mankind would not develop for another millennia, if ever.

The true owners of the feathered bodies called themselves by the oldest name of their race, a sound not unlike that of water spurting down an iron gutter, a trio of consonants humans have trouble with. Suffice to call them the Bicyclers, for that is what they did. The human bodies they were borrowing were unbalanced and had too many fingers, but comfort was restored once they were atop a bicycle, wind in their face.

The bikers were almost upon them, and certain excentricities were noticeable. The bikes were being steered by a thumb gripping the handle, with the rest of the hand behind the handlebar, out of the way. The lead biker would drop back sometimes, and another biker would take the lead. ?Like geese,? Ace noted.

thoughts? comments? suggestions?

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