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Re: The Return of More New Papers

On 4/16/07, David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

> Ichnological evidence confirms that the theropod hand > also comprises digits 2-3-4.

Except that not one of those hand prints is from a theropod. How do I know?
Because to this day no known theropod has been able to pronate its hands
enough to make non-sprawling quadrupedal walking possible.

To be fair, it's quite possible (likely, even) that the earliest theropods were only facultatively bipedal. _Theropoda_ is a branch-based taxon, so its earliest members would be practically indistiniguishable from the earliest members of the sister group (_Sauropodomorpha_) or the latest members of the stem lineage (non-eusaurischian _Saurischia_). Put another way, the inability to pronate does not define _Theropoda_, even though it is evidenced in all known members.

But I agree--it seems that the trackways are more likely something else.

Mike Keesey