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Re: Translating Janensch 1950

Dear sauropod workers,

Six weeks ago, I wrote:

 > > I can't be the only Anglophone sauropod worker who's frustrated
 > > that Werner Janensch's series of monographs on _Brachiosaurus
 > > brancai_ are so difficult to work with, being written in obsolete
 > > High German.  Most painful to me is the problem of understanding
 > > the description of the vertebral column:
 > >
 > >    Janensch, W. (1950). Die Wirbelsaule von _Brachiosaurus
 > >    brancai_. Palaeontographica (Suppl. 7) 3: 27-93.
 > >
 > > For the last few years I've been trying on and off to get funding
 > > to have this translated, but without success.  So since it's so
 > > important to my own work, I've gone ahead and commissioned a
 > > translation anyway.

I am absolutely delighted to tell you that the translation is now
complete, and that it will be freely available as promised.  I have
sent a copy to Matt Caranno to be included in the next Polyglot
Paleontologist update.  Until then, you can download it directly from
my web-site:

I'm sure you'll also remember that this translation was not funded by
a grant, so I would very much appreciate any contribution that you can
make against my costs.  Because Gerhard is a Tendaguru lover in his
own right, he made the translation at the low price of $620 Canadian,
which is $546 US, or £275.  Since I made my initial appeal, I have
received one (1) donation of £10, which I have to admit is a slighly
less enthusiastic response than I'd hoped :-)  Anyone who'd like to
make a contribution can most easily do so using PayPal or any major
credit/debit card at:

Finally, let me emphasise again that the translation is freely
available to everyone, irrespective of whether or not they contribute.
It's science!

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