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Taxon naming, Aetosaurs, ethics

I'd like to draw the list's attention once more to Darren Naish's
excellent Tetrapod Zoology "blog" at
which is always full of good stuff.  (I put "blog" in quotes since
it's the only blog I've seen where every entry contains a page of
bibliography.  There are no photos of his cat.)

As valuable as most of Darren's posts are, I think that this one:
is more significant than most.  "The armadillodile diaries, a story of
science ethics" tells a story that, if true and if correctly
interpreted, deserves to be more widely known.  I certainly don't want
to pass around unfounded rumours, but it seems to me that Darren's
assembled a pretty solid story that is based almost entirely on
published works and which therefore looks easy to verify.

Do yourselves a favour and read it.  Don't be intimidated by the
length of the page -- three quarters of it is comments (although some
of these are also very interesting).

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