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Re: Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 149 (4)

Good to see Gauthier back in the dinosaur business!

It shows that Compsognathus longipes had two fully formed functional
digits as well as a reduced, perhaps even non-functional, third digit.


That conclusion runs counter to the usual interpretation that
Compsognathus longipes had only two phalanges, rather than the
expected complement of three, in digit II.

Has this interpretation really been "usual" ever since the first serious description of *Sinosauropteryx* in 1998?

Gishlick & Gaulthier's Compsognathidae includes only _Compsognathus_
and _Sinosauropteryx_. The paper only looks at the morphology of the
hands, and doesn't include a full cladistic analysis.

Then how are we to know if their shared features are convergent? ~:-| Is anything forthcoming cited?