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Arambougiania Citation Redux

Jerry D. Harris writes:
 > [...] Thus, I would have to guess that, as Martill et al.  (1998)
 > cited, the correct citation for the erection of this nomen is
 > indeed the abstract:
 > Nessov, L.A., Kanznyshkina, L.F., and Cherepanov, G.O. 1987. Dinosaurs, 
 > crocodiles and other archosaurs from the Late mesozoic of central Asia and 
 > their place in ecosystems. Abstracts of the 33rd session of the All-Union 
 > Palaeontological Society, Leningrad, pp. 46-47. [In Russian].

Really?  Names can be raised in abstracts?  Ugh.

Let's not.

(This seems particularly perverse in a world where names can NOT be
raised in a properly worked through, referenced and reviewed

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