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Two new papers in the latest _Paleontological Journal_:

Tereschenko, V. S. 2007.  Key to protoceratopoid vertebrae
(Ceratopsia, Dinosauria) from Mongolia. Paleontological Journal 41
(2): 175-188.

"A detailed nomenclature and a measurement system for vertebrae of
Mongolian Protoceratopoidea are proposed. A key to vertebrae that
allow the determination of the region of the vertebral column and the
serial number of each vertebra within each region is developed.
Distinctions in vertebral column between two protoceratopoid families
(Protoceratopidae and Bagaceratopidae) are summarized."

Offhand, I can't recall having seen "Protoceratopoidea" as a name
before. I haven't read the actual paper, but most Russian workers are
still quite happy with paraphyletic taxa, so I'm guessing that
Protoceratopoidea is probably a grade name.


Averianov, A. O. 2007. New records of azhdarchids (Pterosauria,
Azhdarchidae) from the late Cretaceous of Russia, Kazakhstan, and
Central Asia. Paleontological Journal 41 (2): 189-197.

"A review of 12 azhdarchid localities in Russia, Kazakhstan,
Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan is given. New records of unidentifiable
azhdarchids from the Khodzhakul (Cenomanian), Tyul?keli
(Turonian-Coniacian), Kansai (Santonian), Malaya Serdoba, and Beloe
Ozero (Campanian) localities and a new taxon, Aralazhdarcho
bostobensis gen. et sp. nov. (Shakh-Shakh, Santonian-Campanian), are


        Christopher Taylor