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RE: Arambougiania Citation Redux

Mike Taylor wrote:

> Nessov, L.A., Kanznyshkina, L.F., and Cherepanov, G.O. 1987. Dinosaurs,
> crocodiles and other archosaurs from the Late mesozoic of central Asia and
> their place in ecosystems. Abstracts of the 33rd session of the All-Union
> Palaeontological Society, Leningrad, pp. 46-47. [In Russian].

Really? Names can be raised in abstracts? Ugh.

This is a grey area. According to the ICZN...

"Article 9. What does not constitute published work. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 8, none of the following constitutes published work within the meaning of the Code:
"9.9. abstracts of articles, papers, posters, texts of lectures, and similar material when issued primarily to participants at meetings, symposia, colloquia or congresses."

As with _Gigantspinosaurus_, _Arambourgiana_ may not fulfill 9.9. However, this is difficult to prove, given that (among other things) it is hard to pin down what exactly is meant by "primarily"?



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