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JVP 27 (1) on Bioone

Dear list,

Some of you might be  interested by the fact that the last issue of JVP 
(including the descriptions of  Lophostropheus and Urbacodon) is currently 
accessible without registration on  the Bioone (www.bioone.org) website. As far 
as I 
know this is not supposed to  happen, so if you did not do it already I would 
suggest you to download all  these nice pdfs as soon as possible, before they 
get aware of their mistake and  establish mandatory registration for this issue.

Best  regards,

Félix Landry
150 rue de Vaugirard 75015 Paris, France
01  45 67 04 65 / 06 26 39 29 03
Elève de l'Ecole normale  supérieure, département de Sciences sociales
45 rue d'Ulm 75005 Paris, France