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RE: Arambougiania Citation Redux

> Well, does it fulfill all the other requirements? Isn't there one
about "at 
> least 100 copies at public institutions"? 

Nope, no such thing (see http://www.iczn.org/iczn/index.jsp, Article 8).
The only actual figure given for valid publication is in regard to
permanent CD copies of electronic works, which require deposition in at
least five (much less than 100) publicly accessible institutions. The
exact wording of the publication requirements are:

"8.1. Criteria to be met. A work must satisfy the following criteria:

8.1.1. it must be issued for the purpose of providing a public and
permanent scientific record,

8.1.2. it must be obtainable, when first issued, free of charge or by
purchase, and

8.1.3. it must have been produced in an edition containing
simultaneously obtainable copies by a method that assures numerous
identical and durable copies."


        Christopher Taylor

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