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Re: Dwarf crocodile fossil found in Sao Paulo state, Brazil

Nobre PH & Carvalho IS 2006 - Adamantinasuchus navae: A new Gondwanan
Crocodylomorpha (Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Late Cretaceous of Brazil.
Gondwana Research 10(3-4): 370-8.
"A new Late Cretaceous Mesoeucrocodylian from the Adamantina Formation
(Bauru Basin), São Paulo State, Brazil is described. The main features
of this new species are the short, high oreinirostral rostrum, the
large laterally positioned orbital notches and external nares in the
anteriormost portion of the rostrum. The mandible is robust and
concave-shaped in relation to the skull. The dentition is highly
specialized, with two prominent incisiform teeth, a hypertrophied
caniniform, and seven molariform teeth. The molariform teeth are
ornamented with denticles in their lingual surface and are smooth on
their labial surface. The molariforms are elliptical in cross-section,
presenting the largest axis in the labial-lingual direction. Such
dental characteristics are unique among the terrestrial
crocodylomorphs of the Gondwana."