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Museum of Geology Summer Field Classes

>From Darrin Pagnac:

<< Hello  all.  It's time once again to start thinking about the summer  field
season.  The Museum of Geology at the South Dakota School of Mines  in Rapid
City is offering a number of field paleo classes available for  graduate or
undergraduate credit, or just for the fun of getting your hands  dirty in the
field.  Here is a breif overview of this year's  itinerary...

*May 14 to 25 *Join the Museum staff to collect Late  Pleistocene (Ice Age)
fossil vertebrates, at *Fossil Lake**, Oregon, *one of  the most prolific
fossil sites in North America. Coordinated by and with  permission of Dr.
James Martin.

*July 2 to 13 and July 16 to 27*  *Jurassic Dinosaurs and Mammals *- near
Sundance, Wyoming. Excavation  continues at this Morrison Formation locality.
*Camarasaurus* and  *Allosaurus* are the major dinosaurs at this quarry. Tiny
primitive mammals  have been found amongst these large beasts. Join a team of
graduate students  as they expand the quarry. Coordinated by Dr. Darrin

*July 16  to 27* Join an expedition to excavate *Dinosaurs of the Judith
River  Formation* - This expedition takes you back in time to discover the
small and  large beasts that roamed the area during the Late Cretaceous. Join
Late  Cretaceous fossil experts, Mr. David Parris and Mr. Randy Moses,  in
investigating the dinosaurs and other fossils from north central  Wyoming.
Coordinated by and with permission of Mr. Parris.

*July 30 to  August 10 Giant Fossil Sea Reptiles from the Late Cretaceous
Western Interior  Sea* - Join this expedition along the Missouri River near
Chamberlain, South  Dakota, to search for and help collect Cretaceous marine
reptiles,  particularly mosasuars and plesiosaurs.  We will also be
collecting  Miocene mammals at the classic Bijou Hill fossil locality.
Coordinated by and  with permission of Dr. James Martin and Mr. David

*August  20-August 31: Cretaceous dinosaurs from **South Dakota***

Students will  participate in analysis of a fascinating locality in the Hell
Creek Formation  of South Dakota.  This site contains abundant material from
duck-billed  dinosaurs, *Triceratops*, and *Tyrannosaurus*.  Coordinated by
Dr.  Gerald Grellet-Tinner.

For more information please follow this  link...


If you  have any questions, feel free to contact me or call the Museum of
Geology at  605.431.6090.

Let's have a productive summer and bring 'em back  dead.

Darrin Pagnac
Haslem Postdoctoral Fellow
South Dakota  School of Mines
501 East Saint Joe
Rapid City, SD  57701
(605)  394-2469

"A furore Normanorum liberate nos, Domine." >>  

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