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Re: Arambougiania Citation Redux

David Marjanovic wrote:

As with _Gigantspinosaurus_, _Arambourgiana_ may not fulfill 9.9. However, this is difficult to prove, given that (among other things) it is
hard to pin down what exactly is meant by "primarily"?

Well, does it fulfill all the other requirements?

Probably. But a publication only needs to break one of the rules in order to be deemed invalid by the ICZN. It just so happens that some of the rules are so vague that they are virtually impossible to apply. Article 9.9 is one of them.

While on the topic of names, a question regarding the derivation of _Pantydraco_. I know that "Panty" refers to Pant-y-ffynnon in Wales. But does anyone know what "panty" means in Welsh? ("A really good time" is not the answer I'm after.)



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