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Re: Arambougiania Citation Redux

Nick Pharris wrote:

Well, the "y" is actually the definite article. It looks to me like "pant y ffynnon" would mean something like 'valley of the spring'. Incidentally, it would be pronounced something like "PANT uh FUN-awn".

Yes, I reckon so too. The native name of Wales is "Cymru", which is pronounced something like "Kumree". So the correct pronunciation of _Pantydraco_ would probably be "Pant-uh-drak-o", if faithful to the original Welsh. This fits in with what Nick said.

Incidentally the name _Pantydraco_ is just an abbreviation of Pant-y-ffynnon combined with draco (dragon). No "dragon of the valley" (or anything similar) is given explicitly as the intended etymology.

I wrote:

So is _Thecodontosaurus antiquus_ a nomen dubium? Or can material from the monospecific assemblage be potentially used to maintain the validity of _T. antiquus_? Or are both these questions to be addressed in a forthcoming paper and I should JUST SHUDDUP ALREADY?

Apparently the answer is the second option.



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