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Re: Fwd: the largest Pterosaur

Mike, the Hatz humerus doesn't look any more robust than the northropi humerus to me, and the dp crest is less robust, and might remain so even after restoration of degradation. I don't think the fossil record is definitive yet. I just measured a northropi humerus, and the proximal end measures a little over 11.5 inches (0.29 m) in a straight line from the aft side of the humerus to the anterior tip of the delto-pectoral crest. The distance between the same points measured along the periphery of the bone measures a LOT more, roughly 1.75 feet (0.53 m)

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Very nice work, Mark. The scale diagram really runs home how large the animals were. I wonder if Hatzegopteryx actually outweighed Q. northropi, though. The images of the Hatzegopteryx humerus do not suggest to me an animal any more robust than Q. northropi, though I admit to having only seen images and not the actually specimen. The wingspan may have indeed been larger, but that may not be a particularly good correlate of mass in this case. Any thoughts?

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