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RE: new paper

> On Darren Naish's blog, a subthread of comments has recently been
> lamenting the lack of good restorations of aetosaurs.  While that's
> true, of course the biggest gap in the palaeoart market is that no-one
> has ever, ever produced a drawing of _Tenontosaurus_ Not Being
> Attacked By _Deinonychus_ Pack.

Not true. Open up your copy of David Norman's (1985) _Illustrated
Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs_ to the section on "Hypsilophodontids", and
you'll see a _Tenontosaurus_ doing little more than chewing a few
branches and idly wondering why the illustrator has decided to bequeath
him/her such an extraordinarily long tail (oh, sorry, the blurb explains
why - 'to defend itself from packs of _Deinonychus_').


        Christopher Taylor

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