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Re: new paper

So does anyone know what species of diapsids were used in this phylogenetic inference?

Manabu Sakamoto

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What is the DML opinion on this paper?  Were _Deinonychus antirrhopus_
frequently preying on their own kind--more Ora than pack hunter?

Des Maxwell's "Day of the Deinos" from the December 1999/January 2000
issue of Natural History ("Did predatory dinosaurs leave clues to their
pack-hunting habits at kill sites")  is at:


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This just in:

B.T. Roach and D.L. Brinkman.  2007.  A reevaluation of cooperative pack
and gregariousness in Deinonychus antirrhopus and other nonavian theropod
dinosaurs.  Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History 48: 103-138.

Brinkman was an undergrad student of mine in the day; he worked with me on
tyrannosaurid teeth.

This is an interesting critical take on theropod sociality that is bound
to be
controversial.  It also describes an impressive bit of taphonomic CSI
about dromaeosaurid personality.  I won't give the story away any more
that, and simply quote the esteemed Brother Holtz:  Read the paper.
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