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Re: new paper

Please. What possible paleoceological value could Tenontosaurus have had other than serving to entice Deinonychus packs into our illustrations? I suppose it could serve as some sort of phylogenetic bracket for other ornithscians that were preyed upon by dromaeosaurs...

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Sam Barnett writes:
> > > Hmm, have this horrible feeling all my illustrations just
> > > became inaccurate...
> >
> > Well, as I understand it (not having read it yet), the paper's
> > not discounting group hunting at all, but casting doubt on the
> > idea of organized pack hunting. Unless your illustrations somehow
> > specifically depict organized hunting vs. mobbing, there may not
> > be too much of a problem.
> Ah, that is a relief - most can be reinterpreted as mobbing, though
> there is one which indicates organised feeding behaviour complete
> with sentry.  I don't mind if this one gets more speculative and
> less likely :).

On Darren Naish's blog, a subthread of comments has recently been
lamenting the lack of good restorations of aetosaurs.  While that's
true, of course the biggest gap in the palaeoart market is that no-one
has ever, ever produced a drawing of _Tenontosaurus_ Not Being
Attacked By _Deinonychus_ Pack.  For a moment, them, I thought the
current had shifted and we might get the occasional TNBABDP picture,
but no ...

http://library.thinkquest.org/26615/data/image/Deinonychus-tenontosaurus%20attacked.gif http://dinonews.net/images/dinos/deinonychus_tenontosaurus.jpg http://www.prehistoricplanet.com/features/articles/artists/karencarr/tenontosaurus.jpg http://www.eb23-d-afonso-iii.rcts.pt/dinossauros/tenontosaurus_ficheiros/image002.jpg http://www.cmstudio.com/image/CMStudioDinoPhotos%20016.jpg http://www.kokorodinosaurs.com/tenontosaurusdead%5B1%5D.jpg http://www.kokorodinosaurs.com/dino.jpg http://library.thinkquest.org/C005824/gallery/Dollak/Deinonychus%20&%20Tenontosaurus.jpg etc., etc., etc. ...

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