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Re: new paper

...and (c), in the section concerning dromaeosaurids, Sibbick
illustrated a _Deinonychus_ pack attacking a Tenontosaurus-like

2007/4/25, Nick Pharris <npharris@umich.edu>:
Quoting Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>:

> On Darren Naish's blog, a subthread of comments has recently been
> lamenting the lack of good restorations of aetosaurs.  While that's
> true, of course the biggest gap in the palaeoart market is that no-one
> has ever, ever produced a drawing of _Tenontosaurus_ Not Being
> Attacked By _Deinonychus_ Pack.  For a moment, them, I thought the
> current had shifted and we might get the occasional TNBABDP picture,
> but no ...

Well I think Sibbick's illo. in the _Illustrated Encyclopedia of
Dinosaurs_ might count, but it's (a) kind of old by now and (b) part of
a collection of "hypsilophodontids" also including, IIRC,
_Hypsilophodon_ and _Dryosaurus_.

Nick Pharris
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