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search Belgum???

Tobi Hautekiet writes:
 > hallo everibody,
 > English is not my first langauge so please forgive for any spelling
 > mistakes, and mayby i am wrong on the subject you see im just 12
 > but if i am not mistaken there have never been any excavation's in
 > belgum. The Iguanodon's are the only thing ever found and that was
 > not on perpas, there is a prey but no hunter. I know it is very
 > possible that there are createrues like Baryonix and Megalosaurus
 > or Neovenator, but that is worth digging up wright, please mail me
 > to give me information on this subject.  Thanks for your attention.

Hi, Toby.  Welcome aboard, and congratulations on doing a _much_
better job at writing English than most of us could ever do with any
of the Belgian languages.

One place to look for this information is the EuroDino DB Project,
which is part of Fred Bervoets's DinoData web-site at:

Unfortunately, you'll need to register to get access, which is a pain,
but not a disaster.  Also unfortunately, all the useful introductory
material that used to be online for this project seems to have gone
away, so you'll be navigating blind.  I don't remember whether it used
to be possible to search by country of fossil origin, but it's now.
What you can do is search for contents of museums by country, and the
entry for Belgium Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
(Brussels) at
doesn't seem to have any native material other than the _Iguanodon_
that you mentioned (?two species) and an indeterminate scrap of a
largish theropod's finger.  I'd expect there to be more good original
material in the national museum if more had been found.

Finally, I can confirm from my own database that no genera of
dinosaurs have been named from Belgium -- that is, all dinosaurs that
have been found in Belgium have been considered to belong to an
existing genus.

Hope this helps.

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