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RE: search Belgum???

--- Tobi Hautekiet <darth_tobi@hotmail.com> schrieb:

> hallo everibody,
> English is not my first langauge so please forgive
> for any spelling 
> mistakes, and mayby i am wrong on the subject you
> see im just 12 but if i am 
> not mistaken there have never been any excavation's
> in belgum.

There is for example a Mesozoic (Cretaceous in this
case) site worked in modern times at Romontbos. Search
for example http://scholar.google.com for Romontbos.
This site has several fossils of sea fauna from just
before the big extinction at the end of the
Cretaceous. Indeed, the last part of the Cretaceous is
named "Maastrichtian" after the Dutch town at the
border to Belgium.

In the Cenozoic, several important fossils of
surviving "dinos" (that is to say: birds) were found
in Belgium. You can also search Google Scholar for
Hoogbutsel and Boutersem, where major fossil sites are

All the best,


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