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Fwd: New specimens of Jobaria and ?Iguanodon found in Niger

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From: Heike Osterkamp (Dardalion@web.de) <dardalion@web.de>
Date: Apr 27, 2007 2:27 PM
Subject: Re: New specimens of Jobaria and ?Iguanodon found in Niger
To: Nick <nick.gardner@gmail.com>


I found the following online news of which I hope they weren´t posted yet.
As the new specimens were found by a German team and all articles about them
seem to be in German I summarized the story in English.

After getting a hint of local Tuareg (Niger) a team of the Naturhistorisches
Museum Braunschweig (Germany) under the leading of the museum´s curator
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Joger was able to find a postcranium (complete pelvic
girdle, limb bones, 15 ribs, 2 teeth) in spring 2005 which Joger identified
as a Jobaria (12-15m). The government of Niger gave a permission for the
excavation and transport to Germany where the bones should be prepared,
analysed and shown on display for a while - but later the bones were
expected back in Niger. A second expedition in November 2006 prepared
everything for a transport to Germany, and finally in March 2007 the
transport should be realized. But when arriving at the site in March the
skeleton was disappeared (Joger later found out that it is now in the Museum
of Elche in Spain). So the German team continued digging for other bones and
found two more skeletons of which they believe to be from a Jobaria (20m,
the diameter of the dorsal vertebrae is up to 80cm) and a possible new
Iguanodon species. These bones will now go to Germany as planned with the
first Jobaria - they are expected in Braunschweig in May.

Here are three articles (in German) that tell the whole story. The first two
links shows pics of the first Jobaria, the third link shows the second
Jobaria as does another link


Does anyone knows what has happened with the skeleton in Elche?