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update: Egypt mystery fossil

Many of you responded to my previous query for help in identifying an Egyptian mystery fossil, one of several tons of fossils gathered and wrapped in linen by worshippers of the ancient Egyptian god Set thousands of years ago. They were discovered in a temple by British Egyptologists in the 1920s.

As I reported in "The First Fossil Hunters" (2000), the never-opened crates of fossils discovered at the shrine have been languishing in a warehouse in London for nearly a century. Part of the mystery is about to be solved.

One of the fossil specimens unwrapped by curators at the Bolton Museum, UK, is preserved enough to be identified, with the help of paleonotologists on these lists.

See the news release by the Bolton Museum here:


and read about the contest to guess the identity of the fossil bone:


Results will be announced in May 2007.

Thanks again for all your help!