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Request for suggested reading material

Good evening all,
I am attempting to broaden my knowledge of the surrounding wildlife &
foliage during the mesozoic era - in other words sick of drawing the
same 3 plants, the same inexplicable fish and erring on the side of
caution with miscellaneous dragonfly-like creatures as backdrops to my

So this weekend I purchased a copy of Kormann & Hemsley's The
Evolution of Plant Architecture, 1999.  I was wondering if anyone else
could recommend some good books (preferrably with big photographic
plates) outlining the known specimens of insect, fish and plant life
at that time.  I don't mind if these are in separate books - in fact
I'd almost prefer that they were, as more specific books mean more
information or at least larger print and I can't say no to either of

Thanks for any help you can give with this,