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Re: New specimens of Jobaria and ?Iguanodon found in Niger

Does anyone knows what has happened with the skeleton in Elche?

Of course, I can explain without problems how a dinosaur from Niger is now in Elche. We have a project with the Niger government to prospect the area of Adderbisinat (South of Agadez). The past January, two teams (one Spanish and another German), we have partially overlapped ours working areas (details are not necessary: desert seems to be big, but... not enough). Fortunatelly, after the first surprise, the things are going to be solved now, and we have a first agreement of collaboration. There have not more importance (by the moment). Greetings -- Francisco Ortega Grupo de Biología Facultad de Ciencias - UNED c/Senda del Rey,9 - 28040 Madrid http://www.dfmf.uned.es/~fortega/