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Re: Tenontosaurus Skeletal Image?

Tenontosaurus have tails considerably longer than the rest of their bodies. As to a skeletal image you should be talking to Greg Paul, he has an excellent restoration of this beastie. A member of this list, he can be contacted at GSP1954@aol.com.

On 1/05/2007 10:18:40 AM, Dinosaur George (dinoworld@msn.com) wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Our animators are working on creating a Tenontosaurus, but we are having a
> tough time finding a good skeletal image of these fellows. In all of the
> images we have been able to locate, the tail appears to be much longer,
> compared to body size, than what I would expect.
> Did these fellows have overly long tails?
> Does anyone have any images or skeletal measurements that can share?
> Thanks for any help.
> George Blasing
> Jurassic Fight Club

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