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Enter the New Papers

Hi All -

Banner week...! OK, first up, a couple new papers out of Spain, both available free on-line at http://www.sociedadgeologica.es/publicaciones/geogaceta/2007_41.html:

Royo-Torres, R., Coboa, A., Aberasturi, A., Espílez, E., Fierro, I., González, A., Luque, L., Mampel, L., and Aloalá, L. 2007. Riodeva sites (Teruel, Spain) shedding light to European sauropod phylogeny. Geogaceta 41:183-186.

-- discusses the occurence of diplodocine and other sauropod material from the same unit as _Losillasaurus_.

Murelaga, X., Astibia, H., Baceta, J.I., Almar, Y., Beamud, B., and Larrasoaña, J.C. 2007. Fósiles de pisadas de aves en el Oligoceno de Etaio (Navarra, Cuenca del Ebro). Geogaceta 41:139-142.

Next, I see there are two theoretically free papers in the newest ish (6) of _Memoirs of the Fukui Prefectural Museum_ (http://www.dinosaur.pref.fukui.jp/archive/memoir/memoir006.html), but for some reason, when I enter their recommended username and password, it won't let me download them:

Lu, J., Li, T., Zhong, S., Azuma, Y., Fujita, M., Dong, Z., and Ji, Q. 2007. New yunnanosaurid dinosaur (Dinosauria, Prosauropoda) from the Middle Jurassic Zhanghe Formation of Yuanmou, Yunnan Province of China, 1-15.

Fujita, M., Azuma, Y., Lee, Y.-N., Lu, J., Dong, Z., Noda, Y., and Urano, K. 2007. New theropod track site from the Upper Jurassic Tuchengzi Formation of Liaoning Province, northeastern China, 17-25.

Is anyone else able to download these? (I've had problems logging in to other sites, too, so I'm curious if it's just me...) If so, could I bug you to forward copies to me, too? Many thanks!

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