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New Tatisaurus paper

Norman, D.B., Butler, R.C., and Maidment, S.C.R. (2007). Reconsidering the status and affinities of the ornithischian dinosaur _Tatisaurus oehleri_ Simmons, 1965. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 150: 865-874.

Abstract: "The early Mesozoic fossil fauna collected from the Lower Lufeng Formation of Yunnan Province, China, has attracted considerable interest and attention since its discovery in the late 1930s. Its importance reflected a combination of its comparatively remote geographical position and, more particularly, the similarities of its fauna compared with approximately contemporary discoveries from Europe, North and South America, and southern Africa. The fragmentary and poorly preserved Lufeng ornithischian dinosaur _Tatisaurus oehleri_ was described in 1965 and proved taxonomically and systematically enigmatic from the start. Originally assigned, with some noted ambivalence, to the basal ('primitive') group of ornithischians known as hypsilophodontids, since 1965 _Tatisaurus_ has been variously ignored, assigned to a more rigorously defined Hypsilophodontidae, referred to both of the armoured (thyreophoran) ornithischian dinosaur clades (Stegosauria and Ankylosauria), or referred to a more basal position within the thyreophoran lineage. In 1996 the holotype of _Tatisaurus_ was renamed _Scelidosaurus oehleri_, and the genus _Scelidosaurus_ was proposed as an index fossil of the '_Scelidosaurus_ biochron' with the potential to be used for the global stratigraphic correlation of Early Jurassic (early Sinemurian) rocks. Because of this chequered history _Tatisaurus oehleri_ Simmons, 1965 has been re-examined and is redescribed so that its taxonomic status and systematic position could be reassessed. _Tatisaurus_ is identified as a basal thyreophoran (armoured ornithischian dinosaur); there is no basis for amalgamating it in synonymy with the genus _Scelidosaurus_, and the proposed creation of a '_Scelidosaurus_ biochron' for the purposes of biostratigraphic correlation of Lower Jurassic outcrops has no utility whatever."

The authors also regard _Tatisaurus oehleri_ as a nomen dubium.

Cheers, Tim

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