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The Spatial Time of the Sydenham Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park

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Marshall, Nancy Rose.
"A Dim World, Where Monsters Dwell": The Spatial Time of the Sydenham
Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park

Subject Headings:
Crystal Palace (London, England)
Dinosaurs -- Exhibitions.

The Sydenham Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park articulated a spatial model
of deep time that both supported and subverted social and racial
hierarchies. Intended to point visitors toward Creationist conclusions
about history predicated on man's central role in God's scheme, the
park thematized a divinely ordained progress of civilization of which
Victorians were the final heirs. Yet despite such attempts at rigid
hermeneutical control, the park nevertheless presented profoundly
disturbing evidence of degeneration and extinction, thereby denying
the verity of human progression and suggesting that the primitive and
the civilized—the ancient and the modern—were intimately related.


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