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Re: Animal interaction video

Interesting was that the herd came over to assess the situation and seemed  
to be standing there, thinking what to do, until two bulls took the lead to  
confront the lions--then others joined in.  
It was a really small area for such dramatic interaction.  He who  rules the 
water hole...


In a message dated 8/8/2007 10:58:12 A.M. Eastern Daylight  Time, 
zenlizard@comcast.net writes:
A YouTube video posted this morning,  showing an atack on a young cape 
buffalo by a pride of lions.  During the  attack, a croc attempts to steal the 
buffalo from the lions.  Then the rest  of the buffalo herd returns to rescue 
original victim.  And yes, the  cape buffalo do in fact, use both their hoves 
and their horns in their  counter-attack.


Really has to make one think about the implications of dinosaur herding  in 
both attack and defense.  Do the horns provide analogs to ceratpo(s)ian  
defensive use of horns?  Do the hoves provide alanogs to sauropod trampling  of 

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