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Re: Animal interaction video

MKIRKALDY@aol.com writes:

Interesting was that the herd came over to assess the situation and seemed to be standing there, thinking what to do, until two bulls took the lead to confront the lions--then others joined in.

I suspect the bulls were just taking the opportunity to attack lions while they were distracted (by both a prey item and a croc), rather than trying to rescue a herd member. Cape buffalos will attack lions on sight whether or not they're an immediate threat (they seem to have invented the 'pre-emptive strike'). I've seen footage of bulls tracking down hidden lion cubs and stomping several of them to death while their mother was absent. It seems that rescuing a fellow buffalo might be something a mother would do for her calf, but otherwise they're not the most altruistic of animals.


Dann Pigdon
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